Saturday, January 28, 2006


Simon has been in Kiel for a week and has been a great roommate, apart from the fact that I have to go to work while he reads in bed, which is pretty cruel. But he´s been making up for it by cooking me dinnner and charming my friends, so I forgive him.

It´s been a weirdly normal week in Kiel, work is ticking along and the weather has actually been remarkably ok. Today it´s a balmy zero degrees, which is a thousand times better than the minus six it was last weekend. There´s somethihng about the minus sign that really affects me, it just isn´t natural to be so cold. I even had a dream that everyone I lived with was sitting around at the table complaining that the flat wasn´t warm enough. I wonder what that might mean?

The week began with a visit to the brilliantly named Sports Bar to watch American Football- well I say watch, I spent most of the time exclaiming at how fat some of the players were and paying out their ridiculous shiny pants. The Broncos lost, much to Matt´s mild disappointment, but I was more interested in how all our Australian sports names seem to be rip offs of the Yanks. Is there anything we haven´t claimed as our own which doesn´t belong to us?

I taught a very anti-Australia Day lesson on Thursday, much to the chagrin of some of my students who love us and think we´re nicer versions of the Americans. Bah. I told them all about the riots and Howards nationalist platform- turns out there´s no word in German for supremicist. I kept wanting to say Nazi but refrained.

Tonight we´re heading off to Ann´s for racklette my third to date, and as long as noone talks about football I´ll be happy.

And also... what the fuck was with that lamb ad?

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