Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturn returns

Wow. This week has been a series of amazing happenings that are all swimming around in my head a bit. First, Simon is coming on Friday and I´m heading down to Hamburg to meet him and have a few nights staying at Martin´s who is kindly giving up his bed for us. When I rang him to ask him I then found out that he is having a baby and moving house, not so great for my future stays in Hamburg but then again that kind of pales in comparison... He´s the first of any of my cousins to have children which is a leetle freaky but I´m dealing.

The other thing that happened is that I signed a contract to work for eight hours at a technical school in Kiel, with real people in real classrooms in a real school and it´s a bit scary. But I will have paid holidays and money for travel so it´s worth it. And it´s only till June.

I have just checked out Kate´s blog with its incredible tigers and will now stop writing, as my entire life now seems (even more) mundane. Why are there no tigers in Kiel?

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