Wednesday, January 18, 2006


In my bank class on Monday I was telling them about my weekend and I mentioned my cousin who has Czech parents but was born in Germany, and that I ate Mexcian food cooked by an American, and suddenly one of the bankers started laughing. When I asked him what was so funny he said: it´s all so mutli-kulti (German for multicultural)!

Uhhuh. Never really thought of Mexican food made from a packet called Old El something or other as being very authentically multicultural myself. I guess I sometimes underestimate just how culturally isolated it´s possible to be in a Western democracy- I think I annoyed my flatmate by being amazed she didn´t know what Borlotti beans were. Proving possibly just how much of a wanker I can be....

In that vein I have to mention the birthday party I went to on the weekend, which was a raclette, my first I think. It´s basically a grilled meat and melted cheese dish you make yourself at the table. It was great, especially with the racuous singing that began to accompany it as the night went on, and there was even a song about slaughtering a pig and making the sausage, which could have come straight out of a beer ad. I tried to maintain haughty amusment but after a few vodkas was belting out "die Wurst!" as good as the Gerrys.

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