Friday, February 03, 2006


Yesterday I was riding my bike back to work when I decided to take a shortcut up a slightly less steep hill (Kiel only has one hill, the appropriately named Mountain street, and I have to ride up it at least once every bloody day) when I noticed a sign for a "US shop". In the first window there was a dummy (again appropriate) wearing trendy clothes that were supposed to remind you of army fatigues and holding a huge fake plastic rifle. Fair enough, I thought, that fits into the typical stereotype about Amis floating around Northern Germany. Looking at the next window, however, I almost fell off my bike laughing.

A one metre tall grey plastic alien, wearing sunglasses and smoking what looked very much like a big fat joint. I ask you. Is it any wonder the Germans seem to have such a weird relationship to the US? They love their aliens, they hate their military. It´s all become so clear now.

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