Thursday, January 05, 2006

Living in a winter wonderland

Well I´m back in the little town of Kiel, somewhere near Denmark, and life is fine. The day I arrived back the whole town looked like a theme park, snow everywhere, glittering off the kerb and the trees and the rooftops. I tried to ride my bike and after about twenty metres discovered I can´t ride in the snow. Good to know. The worst thing was the seventy year old woman who happily rode past me as I lay in a snowdrift with my bike wrapped around my legs. Damn it.

New Year´s Eve, or Silvester as they call it here, was quite nice and I especially enjoyed the maniacal fireworks which made Kiel feel like a big city for about half an hour after midnight, as the sounds of the explosions boomed around the streets.

I´m kind of back at work, which is okay so far, although no bosses in sight yet. In an attempt to feel like a actually have muscles I´ve been jogging for a few days and now I can barely move my legs. But I did discover that´s it´s actually easier to run in three degrees than you think. I draw the line at wearing a beanie when I´m jogging though, and the leggings that people wear here are like some sort of eighties nightmare. I think when I think it´s a good idea to go for a run in minus five degree weather wearing leggings, a beanie and gloves that´s when I know it´s time to leave.

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