Friday, November 25, 2005


It’s snowing! The whole of Kiel looks like one big Christmas card, the streets are filled with lights and little stalls selling Christmas kitsch and mulled wine and the trees and rooftops are covered in white. If it weren’t so cold it would be perfect, but at least the cold makes the Glühwein taste that much more delicious. I am thrilled that I don’t have to take part in the Christmas madness and am escaping with Mum to warmer climes, but it is lovely to be here living the European Christmas. I have begun to eat at least six bisciuts a day, in the correct German tradition.

Yesterday was actually Thanksgiving and tonight Anne is having a dinner at her house. My first ever Thanksgiving! I haven’t really managed to work out what it means or if there is anything else involved than eating a huge Turkey but we will see.

This week I got told off for: riding on the wrong side of the road (all the Germans do it too I might add), riding in a pedestrian zone (ditto),and not reporting to reception at the bank where I teach every bloody week. I think that’s an all-time low.

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