Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy as Sven

This week has been rather nice, if exhausting, and I am feeling rather happy with my lovely students and regularish income. I am working a gruelling four day week and it is always a lovely feeling when it's over and I have three days of weekend ahead of me. Then after two days I get bored with knowing very few people and I look forward to work again- perfect.

I've had a lot of good feedback lately from the students which is just lovely- mostly just in the form of doing the homework I set or letting me know when they won't be in class. It really is so great teaching adults who are engaged and interested in what they are learning- even if the chances of them getting it are so much lower.

I finally gave in and bought a pair of warmer pants today as I just couldn't handle the icy winter wind whistling through my extremely thin rayon trousers as I pedal my way around Kiel. I really wanted to buy a couple of lovely shirts that were also on sale but I somehow found the strength to just say no. I just kept telling myself that I was not here to shop, a blatant lie but somehow it worked. Maybe also becuase I don't feel entirely confident that I will continue to be earning money.

It's really started to get dark now, it's getting dark at about four thirty which is just so depressing. The only advantage is that the night is longer which is kind of cosy.... but not really. Apparently the shortest day of the year is December the 21st and from then on it will get lighter.

I can't wait to go to Italy with Mum, but it occurred to me that I know next to nothing about the place, apart from the names of many brands of pasta which also happen to be cities.

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