Monday, November 28, 2005

Baking frenzy

If I never see another biscuit it will be far too soon- this country has gone biscuit (kekse) crazy and it's not even bloody December yet. My flatmate spent the whole week preparing for this weekend's bakeathon, she's making fourteen different sorts of biscuits, for everyone she knows I think, and the whole house smelt like butter and sugar all weekend. Then I was invited to a coffee and cookie afternoon which was lovely but oh so full of biscuits and this all comes on top of a week of stealing biscuits from work. I honestly don't want to eat another biscuit for at least a week. Even the thought is making me feel a bit queasy.

The weekend was the first advent, which is apparently the first of four sundays before christmas and so everyone lights a big candle, one of four in a wreath. Honestly, the fuss they make about Christmas here is amazing given that the rest of the time they claim to be so Protestant and non-ceremonial up here in the north. Although I have to admit the tradition of putting shots of Amaretto in mulled wine is something I have become extremely enthusiastic about in a very short space of time. Actually Amaretto in anything hot is good, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, milk. Or just Amaretto hot with cream.

Right now it's snowing properly for the first time (last time it was more snow rain) and I am extremely glad that my midday clas had finished and I am inside with the heating on. The view of the skeletal trees and rows of European houses covered in snow from my window is gorgeous- from here. All this cold weather is extremely romantic as long as you don't happen to be in it, and then you remember the christmas story about the little match girl who froze to death.

Last night I went to see the new HP movie and liked it alot, although of course I have my criticism. But I liked how much they stuck to the book, and I have grown to love th dynamic between the three of them, even if Daniel Radcliffe is a little wooden. It was great to be swept up in that world again, it made me want to read all the books again. I finally joined the library the other day and got out some great kids' books and some learning Italian books to see if I remember anything from my half a year of night classes. So far all I've learnt is that if you are in a public shower with someone your own age you can address them with the informal 'tu'. So that's helpful.

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