Monday, November 07, 2005

Getting wiggy at Halloween

These are the pictures from the Halloween party at our house- my wigs were very popular as you can see. I was supposed to kind of be Cindy Lauper which everyone kindly didn't question too closely, and Matt is a football fan. My favorite wig didn't belong to me however- the platinum blonde bob cut. I am seriously thinking of cutting my hair like this.

These pictures were taken a week or so ago when the weather was still lovely- this is a beach in Kiel and I was hanging out with my Coloradoians Anne and Matt. This weekend the three of us went to Hamburg for a night to stay with some really lovely friends of Anne's and it was fabulous. Lots of Simpsons, hanging out and eating pastries.

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Overland eddy said...

Hi hanna,
Ed here, kates round the world partner... sounds like you´re having a great look well... but don´t forget to eat some sausages and cheese...kate has been hoeing down huge Argentinian steaks the size of a young horse here. We´ve joined the Aussie balmy army in Uruguay to support the football this saturday
yobbos that we are... chow now