Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Exploding bikes

Today I over-filled my bike tyres and they exploded as I was driving to work. Whoops. Actually only one exploded, and thankfully I had alread noticed that something was wrong and stopped riding. I happened to be in the middle of an enormous car park and it sounded like an echoing gunshot. So then I had to schlepp the bike back to the railway station and catch the bus to work. I felt like a complete tool carrying a bike I had just been riding a minute before across the bridge.

Too make up for the universe decided that my new students would give me a rose for Valentines Day- totally sweet. They left it on my desk as I was going around the class and then I turned around and there was a beautiful long-stemmed red rose sitting there. Shucks. Just goes to show, being a foreigner is exotic.

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