Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Movie Blues

In what is becoming a Boxing Day tradition today Mum and I saw a blockbuster, although with a Christian message which is kind of appropriate. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, pure propaganda, wonderful film. The only problem is that now Im out in the real world again its all so bloody real and not fantastical and simple.

Christmas in Rome turns out to be less materialistic, more religious and not quite as much as a dampner on trading as Id expected. But even so, there are still beggars everywhere there are tourists, some are children, and many sitting outside churches in the hope that the Christmas cheer will spread. The worst are those who lie on the street, heads down and hands out, literally prostating themselves. And of course the children. Its dreadful, especially without the sense that things are getting any better in the world.

I think Ive got post-Narnia blues.

Actually we had quite a nice day yesterday, we stumbled on a lovely old restaurant that was open for lunch, and then in the evening there was a big public gathering right near the hotel for the lighting of the Chanukiah, an eight stick candelabra, for Channukah, which coincidentally fell on Christmas Day. It was quite amazing. I got talking to some Americans from New York, to avoid a creepy Orthodox guy who was circling me, stopping right in front of me and then staring at me for a full ten seconds before continuing to circle. Freak.

But my favorite moment was when Mum went to shake the hand of the Rabbi, who of course couldnt touch a woman, being Orthodox. Go Mum.

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