Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bella Roma

Back in the big city my brain is on the verge of imploding. I hadnt quite realised how long it had been since I was in a city larger than a couple of million, and now Mum and I are wandering around like two stoners, pulling out the map on every corner and almost getting killed every time we try to cross the road.

The taxi trip from the train station was a pretty good indicator of what I am beignning to call the Rome Factor in my head, the driver kept speeding up across really small distances, beeping at everything in his way and narrowly missing hitting a pedestrian/vespa-rider/truck at every intersection, all the while turning around and telling us enthusiastically that he couldnt speak English. At one point we drove past an accident which he referred to as "una incidente". My first view of Rome was therefore through almost closed eyes and with my stomach on the floor.

We have managed to walk through- I hesitate to use the word see as I dont think my conscious mind really absorbed much of it- the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Victor Emmanual Monument, as well as Capitol Hill and the Main Synagogue. Its incredible how this city is built, everything on top of each other. Living here you would get such an overpowering sense of your own insignificance, I dont think my ego could deal with it at all.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Im looking forward to what the city will be like on this most holy of Christian holidays. And what Mum and I will do.

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