Saturday, December 17, 2005

In the lap of luxury

Well we made it to Florence with only a few bad moods on my part and about eight desserts on Mums. We are staying in the most gorgeous hotel I will ever stay in, in a converted medieval monastry in the centre of Florence. Earlier today as we lay zonked out on our beds from the train trip there was a blast of drums and I rushed to the window and threw open the shutters (it has shutters)and lo and behold, there was a medieval march passing by. From our window we could see the flags with their different coloured crests as they were thrown into the air with perfect symmetry. Welcome to Florence.

Everyone here is so friendly it is almost scary- we just went to a restaurant and everyone was totally okay with our lack of Italian. I am only now beginning to realise how uptight Germans must seem to the rest of Europe- here I can only say hello and can I have the bill and people are always laughing and smiling at me. In Germany I could discuss politics and people still seemed to hate me on first sight.

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