Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oh Angie

Good god, Germany is going to have a female East German christian democrat chancellor who no-one wants. This is apparently what democracy looks like- a country torn apart by two seperate ideologies. This seems to be a trend- is there a democracy in the world where the ruling party is actually wanted by the majority of voters?

Apart from Australia that is. Oh god.

Today I am sick with a mild cold that won't go away, but apart from that I'm feeling very well. The autumn here is unexpectedly beautiful- the trees are shades of orange and red and the streets are beginning to be covered with leaves. It's not too cold and the sun is shining and it's all a little like a page out of a travel catalogue. On the weekend I bought some gorgeous roses and they're sitting on my windowsill with a back drop of read and green leaves.

The other day I found out that the American for cracking onto someone is quite similar to the German. In Amiland (German for America- not entirely without negative connotations) they say to mack on someone. In Germany it's jemandem anmachen. Sometimes I feel like I am adrift between two completely exotic and bizarre cultures- and then I imagine what it would be like being somewhere outside the Judeo-christian Western world and realise I'm actually still quite within my comfort zone.

Last night I saw a movie about a forty year old virgin- it was very funny and also kind of sad.

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