Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mobile madness

Today I slept until almost midday- a sign of my growing exhaustion with Germany or possibly just the fact that I got up to teach a class at quarter to eight and then had a forty five minute seesion at five o'clock- with nothing in between. Ah the joys of freelancing.
I went to Kiel Uni TKD last night and somehow ended up in the wrong room, with a whole lot of people in white TKD uniforms and a Korean black belt. Huh? It turns out there are two groups at the Uni, modern and traditional. I think I'm in modern, which seems to mean less attention to form and more hideous fitness work which I know is very good for me but is extremely disheartening because I have none (fitness). Last night we had to do this thing where we twisted around from our bellies to our back while not touching the floor with our legs. I was universally unsuccessful and mostly just groaned alot while dragging my legs along the revolting, smelly gym carpet floor. It was great!
My colleague Matthew is going to Amsterdam for the weekend and I am so jealous- but I have no money to pay the rent so I can't really justify it. It would be lovely though, strolling through the cobbled streets stoned and eating pastries...

I finally found out why no-one could text me- apparently because my mobile number is so ridiculously long some connections can't carry it- they have a maximum of forteen numbers. Soooo if you want to text me you have to just dial +49 and then drop off the first zero from my mobile number. Apparently to dial a plus on Nokia you press * twice.

Did I mention it is my birthday in two weeks?

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kerney said...

i think i've lost my mobile. i might have a seizure. my birdy in 2 weeks too. i might have a seizure. your blog is nice and emaily, too many 'travel blogs' out there - see seizure.

much love to you

emma kerney