Tuesday, June 26, 2007

High tea

Currently in my, for want of a better word, larder I have the following teas: rosegarden (containing whole rose buds), ginger chai, Lübeck marzipan, Niederegger Marzipan tea (black), digestion tea, black current leaf tea and a clove and cinammon tea I picked up at the chemist.

Overall a rather girly collection. Perhaps I need to get more of the sort of tea which puts hair on your chest. Sailors' tea? Tea for men who drink too much?


Kate said...

That's funny I'm really into tea as well at the moment. I have amassed quite a collection of teas and I've also become obsessed with old fashioned tea pots. I've now got Ed's mums silver teapot from the 20's and sugar and milk jugs that belonged to my Nanna and am now on the hunt for some lovely old tea cups to go with them. Come home one day soon Hanna and we can have a tea party!

torshy said...

No worries love - I'm getting close. I'll bring buckets of tea and they'll all be confiscated by customs.