Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Recent history

Today a student asked me what `recent` meant and I had a moment of blank native speaker idiocy - what the hell does it mean? I gave up and gave them the German. What a cop out. At least after sixty seconds of pressing my fingers to my forehead I remembered the word `sustainable`. Why can't we just say afterholdable like they do here?

Now that I'm home and have access to dictionaries I know that it means `a time close to now in the past`. In that vein I thought I'd put up some pictures from times close to now in the past.

The recent addition to my extended family with his dad - poor Yunis is a little upset that this isn't his best angle.

The other slightly less-recent addition, in fact Yunis's cousin, the gorgeous Milan who is the happiest baby in the world. Even with me.

Random Kiel festival I stumbled across recently, convinced people I was American and that they should let me photograph them.

Since the World Cup it's okay to have German flags hanging from your window. Apparently.

At Manuela's birthday Simon is suitably adorned.

Chilling out in Bremen for a weekend - very happy that it's sunny.

A windmill in Bremen - the question is why? What is being milled? I never found out.


TimT said...

Of course, if you were a time traveller from tomorrow, you could take a trip to now and say 'I am from the recent future'.

That would make 'Recent' mean 'A time close to now in the near future'. Then again, you could also define 'The near future' as 'a time close to recently in the past now'.

Things are very confusing, for a time traveller.

alexis said...

Those are some fine looking youngkers you've got in your family, Hannanana.

English is flummoxing. Full of lies. Like "permanent wave".

torshy said...

I hadn't thought of the complexities involved in denoting the future as recent. Perhaps should modify my definition to a time close to now and leave it at that. I wouldn't want my students to read The Time Machine and think I was telling them lies.