Monday, January 08, 2007

Home on the range

It's been three weeks of hayfever, Coopers beer, bodysurfing, long drives, fireworks, mangoes, monolingualism and sunburn. Home is somehow always the same- even though I felt like an alien for the first week or so. Everyone was so smiley yet overworked, every gorgeous cafe was staffed by underpaid international students and the glorious franginpani trees and blue skies framed streets whose unbelievable ugliness I had never noticed before; with their rust-coated roofs and long, dusty, overcrowded roads. The best thing about being here has been my new eyes, apart from the fact they are constantly itchy, which have seen my home city in a way I'd never seen it before. The harbour sparkles and the new suburbs sprout, in between the villages of the inner west abound with life, queer parents and alternative living.

On my second day I went to the doctor who I've had since I was five. He typed my details into his spanking new iMac and was shocked to discover I was 28. "Don't wait to have children" he advised, as I quietly nodded, amused but appalled. It's time to run away again...

I've met two beautiful kids since I've been here and have to admit the urge is getting stronger again (it's defintely time to go). Perhaps the best antidote is to offer to babysit little Milan when I get back.


Anonymous said...

Didn't the mewling infant on your inbound flight quash any stray maternal thoughts that may have yet lingered?

It could also be time for a new doctor.

alexis said...

Hey, lovey, I'm sorry I missed your final Catherine St Appearances. Such be the wages of sick parents and day-trips to Melbourne. Needless to say, was SO SO SO VERY NICE to see you again. You make sure that there Germanland treats you with the respect and general adoration you deserve. Much love,

p.s.: enjoyed brief discussion this morning with Yulia/Julia/Iulia(?); she was trying to improve Max's Deutsch.

torshy said...

Re: the doctor, yes that was my first thought but then I saw the pamphlet in the waiting room which said he was a registered provider of mother and baby care for the local hospital so perhaps he was just trying to improve his income. I blame John Howard,