Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's that time again, my second autumn in Europe. Kiel is beautiful this time of year, albeit in a all-the-joy-and-beauty-is-rapidly-dying kind of way. It's the time to read lots of books, watch films on the laptop and eat rice pudding with berries. I'm celebrating in my usual way, by catching a head cold and spending three days reading crime novels. Ah autumn.

Last weekend we went to Hamburg and spent a night with a friend of Simon's watching the German version of The Office, called Stromberg. It's fantastic, he's almost as hideous as David Brent but in a teutonic kind of way. I couldn't help noticing that even on television, however, the Germans have more worker's rights.

Tonight my cousin rang me to get her lover's cigarillo slogan translated into English. Apparently he has a shop. It ran: The best product in the last two years, with a great design. She wanted better adjectives. The best I could do was outstanding product and magnificant design. She wasn't too impressed.